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The development of stable, reliable, and maintainable device drivers requires specialized knowledge, experience, and precise understanding of how drivers are supposed to interact with the operating system or kernel. ITOS has acquired considerable expertise in the development of a wide range of diversified device drivers. The experience gained by us enables us to develop a device driver for virtually any type of I/O devices in a process-oriented, predictable manner in areas ranging from networking to security to advanced storage access.

Most of our device driver projects have been for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux. The driver architecture of Win9X, Win 2000, Windows Vista and Win NT/XP is quite different and must be accounted for when designing drivers for these operating systems. ITOS has knowledge and experience of all above architectures and in many projects we have created drivers for all of them.

Our domain expertise in the following areas: 

  • Network device drivers on Windows Vista/XP/NT/2K/CE.
  • Storage device drivers on Windows/Windows CE. 
  • USB device drivers on Windows Vista/XP/NT/2K/CE. 
  • Driver for a custom PCI serial I/O card for equipment
  • 64 Bit Drivers & 16 Bit - 32 Bit Driver Migration