COMPANY >> Outsourcing Methodology

Preparation phase

After clients hear about us, they send us an email or contract us by telephone stating what kind of project they have in mind for developing. After the first contact is made, upon client’s request we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which documents that all the information discussed between our two parties is confidential. When this document is signed, the client can send us a more detailed specification, so our specialist can evaluate how much time should be spent and how many people should be occupied to accomplish the suggested project. We need to evaluate how much it will cost to do so we use one of our price bases:

Fixed price basis
This basis could be used for small projects and projects which have detailed and clear specification. Both partners define terms, milestones and prices depending on a specification. Any change request outside the specification modifies terms and budget of a project.

Efforts (Time and material) basis
This basis could be used for projects, which have no detailed specification, or change requests from the customer side are transmitted very often. The customer pays for actually spent time. The time usually is measured in man-months.

Evaluation can contain several suggested variants and sent to the prospect client in written form together with resumes of our developers, who we would offer you to take on the project.

Reaching agreement

As soon as the client chooses one of the working schemes and agrees to the personnel we suggested to be assigned to the project, we are ready to sign an outsourcing contract. It is pretty natural for the client to want to see his contractor at work and we always welcome the wish to visit us in our office in Minsk. An international airport makes it easy to reach us. Be sure to get a most warm-hearted reception at our side.


During this stage we closely cooperate with the client and let him follow every step of project’s progress, using telephone, fax and internet. We have a special regularly updated bug-tracking system, which comprises all the changes in the project’s progress and which can be reached online via client’s password. Sometimes this stage includes business trips to the client’s site for project discussion.

Software delivery

Our developers fix revealed bugs and hand in the results of their work (the program, source codes, keys, etc.) and related technical documentation to the client. This is done during a business trip to the client’s site or via internet. Our programmers give full instruction and necessary training to the customer’s employers. We work together until both sides are satisfied with the result.

Deployment and Maintenance

Our maintenance team helps install and configure software in customer environment. As soon as software is live we provide our customers with productivity support, implementing change requests and doing fixing.