SERVICES >> Web Portals Development

Web development was and stays one of the core businesses of ITOS from the very outset of our activity. ITOS provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. We propose complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies. ITOS offers development services as for well-known web technologies (.Net and PHP) as well as for rich internet applications (RIA) based on Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology.

Here are several samples of our recently developed web portals:

  • Portal enables users to place fun and self expression content such as graphics, smiles, glitters, winks, layouts and generators into their social network profiles, starting with Myspace at launch. Users access the content from a mini site presented in a bubble window from the browser toolbar. Users could then select their preferred content, seamlessly inject it into their profile page, or select to save it for a later stage.
  • Web Portal provides driving school students to practice in theory. Users with teacher’s permissions can create new questions and exams as well as see statistic of every student practice. Students are able to test their knowledge and prepare themselves for exam. 
  • Web-based HRM system, which allows keeping data about persons\positions\company structure. System based on know-how’s which allow to describe person skills\position requirements in special way to compare it.
    Using it you can:
    -find the best candidate for the position;
    -organize trainings\courses for persons;
    -manage superior\employee targets achievement;
    -organize surveys to study assessments about people’s\products.
    All needed and useful information about working process can be generated as report in appropriate form.