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Offshore dedicated team is the best solution if you are involved in ongoing development or support projects as it works as an extension of your in-house team and knows how to rapidly implement services for your needs. Based on your wishes we are able to make dedicated team of highly professional specialists exactly in required IT technologies and business areas.

Depending on the project the team can consist of developers, software architects, QA engineers and designers. You are able to manage and monitor the development, testing and maintaining process directly. Also the dedicated manager can be involved inside if necessary. We are always keeping all our customers informed using daily and monthly reports, bug/tasks tracking system and demonstrating the actual versions of projects and statuses. Our Team is always innovative, dynamic and constantly developing with flexibility in decision-making, production and development processes.

One of such teams is working since 1998. This team has made more than 80 small/mid-size projects and 10 big projects. The team is still growing and continues to make customer successful in business and happy with the results and quality.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing your work to our Offshore Dedicated Team:
•  Efforts estimations and project planning
•  Transparent development process and workflow
•  Regular reporting and current status information
•  Excellent communication infrastructure
•  Flexible working hours
•  NDA to protect customer's interests