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"We looked at many companies before deciding to select ITOS as our development partner, and have not any regrets with the decision.
We have worked with ITOS for several years - during the high tech boom as well as during the technology decline. And the project team always demonstrates excellent understanding of our requirements and delivers a project that is within our expectations. The ITOS team is professional, reliable and responsive.
So we look forward to many more successful projects together!"
Rami Blachman
CEO, Matisse Software Inc.

"I have been very happy with ITOS.  I think that they are a very creative, talented programming group -- very responsive, and very easy to work with. 
I am very happy with my product, a product that we have created together over the last four and a half years, and I am looking forward to our shared success in the future, as we are very quickly reaching commercialization.  Thank you so much for everything."
Pam Patterson
CEO,, Inc

"We have a strong cooperation with ITOS since 6 years. There were projects with about an overall volume of 50 man years. We appreciate the contributions of ITOS in all these projects, whether they were programming support on site in Germany, implementation of products corresponding with user requirements or take over of specific parts to design and implement in big projects for our own customers.
In any case we had very satisfied customers of our own. Therefore we intend to continue the cooperation with ITOS also in future."
Werner Pfadler
Director, iC Solutions GmbH

"Since several Years we work together with ITOS. The members of staff offer a wide range of programming skills and helped us to build innovative applications with high quality in time.
We always were completely satisfied with quality, costs and speed of development."
Thomas J. Bieding
Project manager, PROSY GmbH